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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Candidate blog series: Lynn Ellis, City Auditor (I)

Write in Lynn Ellis for City Auditor, (I) Endorsed by the Norwood Democratic Party

Community Involvement Past and Present: Organized West Norwood Clean-up, West Norwood Neighborhood Assoc. past secretary and presently president, was Ohio Reads Tutor, past P.T.A., past Superintendent’s Advisory Board, Neighborhoods of Choice, the first West Norwood Police Substation, Finance/Business advisory Committee (Norwood City Schools), past Historical Society, Vice President Democratic Club, past secretary for the party.

Let me get right to the point, now is the time to work together for the good of Norwood. It is time for change in the Auditor’s office. Norwood is still facing challenging times. I won’t sugar coat the fact that Norwood is still having its share of financial problems. As your full time auditor, I will be highly accessible and hands-on to ensure accurate and timely information.

I will fight to keep city services intact! As your auditor, I will ensure that the numbers/information coming out of my office will be timely and accurate. Council, department heads and the administration cannot make the tough decisions with unreliable data. Inaccurate numbers would jeopardize services, jobs and ultimately the quality of life for Norwood Citizens.

I went to many budget meetings held by Finance and Audit Committee earlier this year. In the first meeting, the majority leaders of the Finance Committee talked about raising the earnings tax by .1%. During the question and answer period, I asked how much revenue would be generated by implementing .1% increase. None of the majority committee members or the auditor could answer that question. In fact, they asked Tim Molony (democrat) treasurer to answer the question. Why did he have to answer that question? He wasn’t proposing the idea. Why didn’t the (majority) committee members or the auditor do their research? As your auditor I will do my research and understand any changes and their impact on the city before I make them public.

I was also distressed to hear the cuts to services the majority proposed, cuts that would essentially have closed the health department, crippled the senior center, closed our coveted 911 system and the list went on and on. In my opinion, basically closing down our city. The cuts and additions to the budget flew in and out so quickly, that many, including myself, lost confidence in the revised budget numbers. This simply cannot happen! Data needs to be accurate to make the tough decisions that need to be made. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and work together for the good of our city. It’s time to set aside political ideology and fear. It’s time to do what is necessary to keep our city and its services intact. It is time for change, and I am committed to that change. As President Harry Truman said, “the buck stops here.” I am asking you to Write In Lynn Ellis for Norwood City Auditor on November the 8th.

Bio: Married to Kent for 24 years, 2 children Zachery 22yrs (2007 NHS and 2011 U.C. Grad.), Micah 16 yrs. 10th NHS
Graduated: ’78 NHS; later received Assoc. degree and BA; taught math (algebra, geometry, business math, accounting etc.), some English and Science in a private school

I am asking you to Write in Lynn Ellis on November the 8th!

Lynn Ellis, City Auditor Candidate