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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hamilton County opens Citizen Survey online

Hamilton County Administration is seeking input from county residents as part of the development of the 2011 budget. The survey is available to all Hamilton County residents and will be posted on the county website from July 8 through August 8, 2010. Click here to take the survey.

The 2011 survey focuses its questions on 12 distinct policy issues facing Hamilton County and its residents, and asks respondents to choose among several courses of action. Survey questions take on such issues as the stadium fund revenue shortfall, 911 call center consolidation, drug incarceration policies, election policies, Sheriff’s road patrols, approaches to public health and mass transit, and overall county government reform.

County administration anticipates releasing the survey results in mid-August, along with revisions to the 2011 budget forecast, and department responses to the current forecast budget. The survey responses may impact budget decisions and engage discussion during budget hearings between county officials and the Board of County Commissioners during September.

Hamilton County residents will also have an opportunity to express their views at public budget hearings to be scheduled in October.