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Monday, March 17, 2008

Norwood Health Department Receives $1200 in Mini-Grants

Funds to educate students about health

We are pleased to announce that Norwood resident Lisa Bauer will be blogging periodically about topics related to Norwood City Schools, and following is her first report. Many Norwoodians got acquainted/better acquainted with Lisa when she ran for school board this past November. We’ll refer to her as our NCS Reporter until or unless we think of a better title. Welcome aboard, Lisa!

This week, Norwood City School students in grades 1-4 will participate in a program titled, “My Pyramid: Eat Right. Exercise. Have Fun.” The program was selected to receive funding through the Ohio Department of Education to teach students about the food pyramid. The Norwood Health Department applied for and received the grants of $300 for each elementary school.

“We are VERY excited to be offering this program to all students in Norwood City Schools in grades 1 – 4.” said Health Commissioner Donna Laake, noting that parents are also invited to come to school to enjoy the fairs with their students.

Laake said the health fair consists of 10 stations. Six stations are food stations (1 for each color of the food pyramid) and 3 are physical activity stations. The 10th station is the “check out” booth where students who have completed all 9 pieces of the health fair will receive prizes of coloring books, My Pyramid posters, dairy coloring books, sticker, cook book, pencil and a bag of trail mix.

At Station 1, students will have an opportunity to follow a crime scene to find whole grains (orange). Station 2 is a chance to move to the colors of the pyramid where students will toss a bean bag onto pyramid to find out what movement they will do. Station 3 is called, “All Tossed up with Veggies”(green) where students will discover a wide variety of vegetables. At Station 4, watch out for all the great dancing moves as students take part in Dance Dance Revolution! Station 5 is a fruit “Plinko” game (red) where students will coax a chip down the right path to a yummy fruit picture. At Station 6, students will role dice to see what exercise they will do and for how many times. They will also plan when they can go on a walk around their neighborhood with family or friends. “Ring 3 Dairy” is the game at Station 7 (blue). Students will attempt to toss a ring around the best low fat dairy products on the board. Have you wanted to go fishing lately? Then come on over to Station 8 (purple) to fish for lean protein products at our special “fishing pond.” Students will write down the leanest food they caught. Station 9 (yellow) is the booth where students will learn the foods to avoid or that contain the highest fat. Their challenge will be to select a fast food that is 20 grams of fat or less and less than 700 calories.

“I bet that even parents could learn a lot at this station!” said Laake.

When students complete the nine learning stations, Laake said they will be sent to Station 10, “where all the goodies are located and we celebrate all the good things that were learned.”

Fairs will be held from 9 a.m. – 12 noon March 17 – 20 at each school’s gymnasium:
Monday, March 17th - Norwood View
Tuesday, March 18th - Williams
Wednesday, March 19th - Sharpsburg
Thursday, March 20 - Allison.
Each grade level will have 40 – 45 minutes to complete the colors of the pyramid.

“What a great way to begin spring break by having fun and learning too!” said Laake. “The health department is so pleased to present this our younger customers. Come and see us “Eat Right. Exercise. Have Fun!”

Lisa Bauer
NCS Reporter