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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mayor’s letter re wage increase ordinance for appointed personnel

Following is Mayor Tom Williams’ 2/28/08 letter to the Finance and Audit Committee regarding his amendment of a wage increase ordinance for appointed personnel that will have an introductory reading at tonight’s 7:30 p.m. City Council meeting. Click here to read the amended ordinance.**

**7:30 p.m. Addendum: One of our commenters alerted us that this ordinance, which we requested today from the Clerk of Council's office, is not the amended version. Councilperson Victor Schneider just went over the wage increase ordinance that's on tonight's agenda during his "Quick 20" cable show on Channel 4. He clearly stated the ordinance calls for 3% raises for all appointed employees, including Mr. Geers. The ordinance we have published is obviously the prior ordinance, not an amended version.

3/12/08 UPDATE: The ordinance we posted was not amended until last night’s council meeting. The amended version passed 6-1 after all three readings. Councilperson John Mumper proposed the amendments, the primary one being the removal of the section that provided for a 10% raise for Safety-Service Director Joe Geers. We have changed the ordinance to reflect what was amended.

February 28, 2008

Mr. Church Barlow, Chairman
and Members of the Finance Committee

Re: Wage Increase Ordinance

There has been a lot of conversation since Tuesday’s Council meeting regarding the ordinance to give appointed personnel a wage increase.

After listening to some of the statements that were made during and since the Council meeting, it is my strong belief that Mr. Geers is being used as a pawn to leverage a higher raise for people who have not been here very long or people who have not yet been hired.

After speaking to Mr. Geers, and in order to keep all politics out of it, I have decided to request that the ordinance be amended to give “all” appointed personnel a 3% raise. I will not be part of this plan to broker wage increases.


Thomas F. Williams, Mayor
City of Norwood