Citizens For A Better Norwood

Monday, March 10, 2008

Snow removal update: more salt delivered to Public Works

We just spoke with Leah at Public Works, and she told us some good news: 25 tons of salt have been delivered and another 175 tons may arrive later today to complete their 200 ton order. As we can all see, the warmer temperatures are helping melt the snow, especially yesterday on streets that get sun, so today Public Works is concentrating on plowing/spreading salt on streets that don’t get sun. They’re also clearing intersections where snow piled up so children can cross safely on their way to and from school.

In response to some of the criticism our readers expressed about the City’s snow removal efforts, Leah said considering the weekend weather conditions and what they had to work with, Public Works absolutely did the best they could with every employee working their assigned shift. All the salt they had on hand was used. Unfortunately, some of the narrower streets and deadends posed obstacles and still do. They don‘t accommodate the large trucks, especially when cars are parked on them, and there’s only one small truck that can plow but can’t spread salt. For these streets, salt has to be spread manually.

For those who doubt the report about the broken crane in our Friday blog below, Leah reiterated that the City’s trucking company told Public Works this was why they could only scrape up 40-60 tons of salt in time for the winter storm. Now that P.W's 200 ton salt order is in the process of being delivered, perhaps that's a sign the crane has been repaired.