Citizens For A Better Norwood

Friday, March 07, 2008

Public Works has salt for weekend street treatment!

Can you park your car off the street?

We just got off the phone with Leah at Public Works who assured us Public Works will be working 24/7 this weekend to clear our streets during what is predicted to be the biggest snow storm of the season. The P.W. trucks are already loaded with 60+ tons of salt with 40 tons of fine sand mixed in. The sand not only stretches the salt, it also gives our vehicles a little extra traction.

But getting the 60-80 tons delivered was no easy matter. The trucking company the City contracts with told Public Works there’s a large shipment of salt sitting on a barge on the river, but it can’t be unloaded because the crane is broken. Yikes! Nonetheless, our trucking company was able to scrape up enough salt to handle what’s coming. Surrounding communities may not be so lucky, though we hope that’s not the case.

Leah told us the first order of business will be salting bridges and our main thoroughfares. That’s not only for the safety of the traveling public, but it’s also to make sure our emergency vehicles, the snow plows and trucks can get through. Next, the snow plows go out to clear our streets as the snow accumulates. Finally, the trucks go out and spread the salt/sand combo. And, yes, Public Works will be working ‘round the clock until our streets are fully treated.

Leah went on to say, “If you have off-street parking, please use it this weekend. Not only will this protect vehicles from getting sprayed with the salt/sand mixture and from possible dings, it will enable the snow plows to clear more of the street.” She also urged that we all try to patient because “our guys will be working around the clock until our streets our cleared.”

Hooray for Public Works!