Citizens For A Better Norwood

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Superintendent Steve Collier's report on school bullying

The NCS website recently published Superintendent Steve Collier’s 2/13/08 report on school bullying. Per HB 276, school districts are required to provide summaries of all reported incidents of bullying twice a year:

Williams Avenue Elementary: 8
Sharpsburg Elementary: 2
Allison Street Elementary: 10
Norwood View Elementary: 0
Norwood Middle School: 34
Norwood High School: 13

The comparatively high number of bullying incidences at the NMS and NHS seems to back up the serious concerns parent and Council-at-Large Mike Gabbard expressed about school safety when he spoke to the BOE at their 1/10/08 board meeting. Here’s the clip of his remarks taken from NCT’s broadcast of the meeting.