Citizens For A Better Norwood

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Norwood’s salt supply "empty or pretty close to empty"

Norwood is among some Tri-state communities worried about how to replenish their road salt supplies, which have been inconsistent this winter. Norwood Safety and Service Director Joe Geers told Channel 5 News yesterday, “I would say we're concerned. I would say we're on empty or pretty close to empty.” Major snowfalls, periods of freezing rain and normal have washed salt away before it can work on subsequent snows. Vendors are having trouble delivering on the high demand for new supplies. A barge is expected to arrive with a large salt shipment later this week. In the meantime, Mr. Geers stated, “We put rubber blades on our snow plows. In case we do get snow, we're going to use those like a squeegee and push the snow out of the way for now.”