Citizens For A Better Norwood

Friday, October 12, 2007

Update to our last Rookwood Exchange update

Following our 9/13/07 Rookwood Exchange update, we received an email from a reader challenging a statement we had made based on what our source had told us, namely, that “Mr. Anderson has not made any offers, meaning that since last summer’s Ohio Supreme Court decision in favor of the holdons, not a single offer to purchase either property has been put on the table for their consideration.” Knowing this reader to be credible, we decided to go back to our source and inquire further.

We asked our source to respond to this claim our reader emailed us: “There have been very serious negotiations for the purchase of those properties during the last several months.” S/he replied that the statement was not accurate because there have not been negotiations on the properties in the last several months, serious or otherwise. We then asked if there have ever been ANY negotiations, serious or otherwise, since last year’s Ohio Supreme Court decision. Our source replied that there were negotiations back 7 months ago around March when settlement was reached with the Gambles, but the offer(s) “were not worth considering.” and “not serious” and were, therefore, forgettable, forgotten, and not mentioned during the previous conversation on which we had based our blog.

With this revised statement from our original source, is it still legitimate to suggest that Jeff Anderson has appeared to be something of a holdon himself? Maybe. A “not serious” offer is still an offer, but, according to our source, it was the only one and there have been no others in the intervening 7 months. Our reader who emailed us had an interesting point of view on this worth sharing: “If they don't want to sell, then they shouldn't want an offer. If they do want to sell, then they should make an offer to sell.”