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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Candidate blog series: Council-at-Large candidate Victor Schneider

Victor Schneider
4007 Floral Ave.
Norwood, Ohio 45212

Here it is. This should give the general public, you the reader, an understanding of what I stand for and why I am running for re-election to Norwood City Council.

I was raised in Norwood on Forest Ave. My parents moved to Norwood for the stellar schools. My siblings and I attended St. Matthews which evolved into Gressle and proceeded on to Norwood Junior and Senior High. I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters, and all of us gradated from Norwood High School.

My siblings moved around a little with stints in the Military and various colleges. My oldest brother George and other older brother Tim both decided to live in Norwood. I lived in Pleasant Ridge for a short period of time to meet the location requirement to be a member of the Amberley Village fire department. When I changed jobs, I decided to move back home and have lived in Norwood practically my whole life. I now have 4 children that my wife Debi and I are raising. We lived on South Madison and then moved to our current home on Floral Ave. My oldest son, Vic, is attending St. Xavier High School, Max and Maddie are going to the consolidated Catholic School, St. Nicholas Academy in Deer Park, and my youngest son Wil is attending Williams Ave. elementary. At the current time, keep our fingers crossed, they enjoy the schools that they attend and seem to be doing well. So that is probably enough about the family. Oh yeah, I better mention that my sisters have all taken up residence outside of the City of Norwood. We don’t hold it against them.

A few of the community activities I am involved in:
Boy Scouts of America – CubMaster Pack 9
American Cancer Society – Relay for Life
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society – Light the Night Walk
Norwood Council – Knights of Columbus

Through these activities I have worked to have fun while also helping out some very worthy causes. I enjoy spending time with my family at these events as well as the planning and organization that takes place to put on these types of events and activities.

I have been a member of Norwood City Council and enjoy being involved in the decision making process. I have tried and will continue to ask questions and understand the necessity of the actions that take place within the legislative part of your local government. We have all heard of issues that arise and actions that have been taken on our behalf, the general public, that make you wonder what the thought process was. My goal has been to make informed decisions, decisions based on fact and actual data that help improve the lives we lead. I base these decisions on a few solid principals that I have learned and from my experience in the below listed positions that I have held.

A few of the positions/certifications that I have held:
Mayor – City of Norwood
Director of Service
Superintendent of Public Works
PT Firefighter
Public Works – Laborer
Emergency Response Chief – Sumitomo Manufacturing
Certified Peace Officer – State of Ohio
Certified Boiler operator
Property Manager

I feel confident that with the guidance of you, the everyday resident of Norwood, and utilizing my background, I bring to the table some capabilities that will help on City Council. I have televised the “Quick 20” program on local cable to try to explain what is happening at a City of Norwood Council meeting. I have worked to make sure that before Council meetings you get the inside scoop. I have tried to be responsive to questions asked and I have tried to answer all the calls made to my home. I will continue to work to make the City of Norwood as strong as possible. Please feel free to comment on this Blog posting and also feel free to contact me at my home number which is 513-631-3972 or email me at Thank you for taking a few minutes to read this information.