Citizens For A Better Norwood

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rookwood Exchange update: why the holdons aren’t selling

This past March, Rookwood Partners purchased the home of Carl and Joy Gamble whose property was one of three left standing at the proposed Rookwood Exchange site. Some of us wondered if this might be a sign of possible negotiations as well between developer Jeff Anderson and the remaining two holdons Joe Horney and the Burton‘s. For now, the wondering can stop. Yesterday, a source close to the action informed us that Mr. Anderson has not made any offers, meaning that since last summer’s Ohio Supreme Court decision in favor of the holdons, not a single offer to purchase either property has been put on the table for their consideration.

Of course, now what some of us are wondering is why Jeff Anderson isn’t making any offers? We all know he was successful in getting his property taxes on the Exchange parcels reduced to land values only, a fraction of their value based on what he paid for them with improvements. Does this have any bearing on his not negotiating to buy the two remaining properties? Is there not just a little bit of irony here in that Mr. Anderson now appears to be something of a holdon himself?

The next news we’ll likely see in the Enquirer about this ongoing saga will be the written ruling Judge Myers said she would issue no later than September 25 regarding matters related to the Burton’s.