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Friday, October 12, 2007

BOE candidate series: Lisa Bauer

Greetings, fellow Norwood residents:

I’m Lisa Bauer and I’m running for a seat on the Norwood City Schools’ Board of Education. As a candidate and as a voter, I’d like to thank the Citizens for a Better Norwood for giving us all the opportunity to know our candidates better, discuss issues, and so to make better decisions on Election Day November 6th.

My husband and I have lived in Norwood since we were married in June of 1984. We chose this community because we thought it would be an excellent place to raise a family. The Norwood City School District played an important part in our decision. We saw a place where our children could enjoy the benefits of an urban district in an environment that was small enough that we could have meaningful input into their educations. Three sons later, we’ve been grateful to be an active part of our children’s school life through PTA and various school committees. Our oldest son, Aaron, is a 2006 graduate of Norwood High School, our middle son, Keith, is a junior at Norwood High School, and our youngest son, Greg, is a seventh grader at Norwood Middle School. All three of our boys have spent their entire K-12 careers in the Norwood City School System, attending Sharpsburg as their elementary school.

When my oldest son started school, I asked his kindergarten teacher her perceptions of the Norwood City School District, and she told me that from her perspective, Norwood was one of the area’s best kept secrets in terms of being a great place to teach. Certainly, my husband and I have shared her opinion of the district as we’ve partnered with it to raise children who are ready to make contributions to society and fulfill their dreams. My reason for running for School Board is to do my part to ensure that parents in Norwood continue to have the same opportunities we did as they raise their children. In order for this to happen, I believe we need to work to forge partnerships of trust between the community and the schools. I see my experience as an active Norwood parent and resident as the greatest asset I would bring to the School Board. I intend to seek out and listen to concerns of parents and community members, ask good questions at Board meetings to get concerns addressed, and follow through within my powers as a Board member to get needs met. Here is some other information that may help you make your decision on November 6th:

Priorities in Office
*Ensure school resources are used first to give all Norwood students opportunities to discover and develop their talents.
* Develop effective partnerships between parents, school, and community based on mutual respect and trust.
* Develop and enforce policies requiring administrators to use district resources efficiently, respectfully, and ethically.

1. Parent of children who will have attended Norwood City Schools from 1993-2013
2. Volunteer in the schools and community
3. Experience in Education
4. Experience in journalism, covering school boards and the City of Norwood

Biographical Highlights
· Occupation: Assistant Professor of Education, Wilmington College
· Parent of children who will have attended Norwood City Schools from 1993-2013
· Norwood resident since 1984
· Ed. D. (Literacy), University of Cincinnati, 2003
· M. Ed. (Elementary Education), Xavier University, 2000
· B.S. (German-English Secondary Education), Miami University, 1985
· B. A., (German-English), Miami University, 1984

I have information listed on the Web at these locations:

My campaign website:

The League of Women Voters’ Smart Voter Page

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