Citizens For A Better Norwood

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Candidate blog series, Tom Williams, Mayor (D)

The basis for an election is quite simple. First, as an incumbent, what is your record? Why should the voters re-elect you and what will you accomplish if re-elected?

I have been in office during some of the most challenging financial times. During these times my message has always been the same, “work together and stay positive.” As Mayor of Norwood, I have worked with the Treasurer, Auditor, Law Director, Finance Committee and the bargaining units to put the City on the right course.

As tough as the financial position has been, we have taken action to not only reduce our costs but we have also been able to bring in businesses worth $150,000,000.00 in new and expanding construction slated to begin. Examples are Rookwood Exchange, the new Urology Group building, Central Point on the Lateral (former Norco site), Norwood Professional Center, Liberty Dialysis, Davita Dialysis, Marshalls, AT&T in Surrey Square, Seek Research, Rheumatology Doctors’ Office on Norwood Avenue, Cinna Research, School Outfitters, Linden Point which includes Brown Macke College, SHP Architectural and Cumulus Radio Stations, and Mercy Health will be going to the Planning Commission soon.

I, as Mayor, must also explore options to improve our City with very little costs to the taxpayers. For example, we will be resurfacing Park Avenue including new curbs and water lines. The cost of this project is $1,000,000.00 but the City’s portion will only be $100,000.00. Payment for this project will take place in early 2012 in two installments not paid out of the General Fund.

In the area of building and property maintenance, we have removed 20 pieces of run down property that lowered the quality of life in your neighborhood. Our KOPS (Keeping Our Property Safe) program has been a huge success. We are also working with a group of landlords who came to us with their idea of “The Good Landlord Program.” This program was presented and discussed by the Council Committee of the Whole and was endorsed by the attending Council Members.

I have stated in the past that I would do everything necessary to have safe, clean streets. We will use every resource available not only to maintain but also to improve our quality of life. That includes building enforcement, law enforcement, fire service and public works.

Although, I would like to consider myself a compassionate person, I have no compassion for those who contribute nothing to our community and conduct themselves in a manner that disrupts our neighborhood and puts a drain on our City services.

It is hard to condense four years of service into one column, let alone eight years but I feel that I have covered several important issues.

If you decide that you want me here, I will be here for you.
In closing, I would like to state, as I have done in the past, that I will continue to serve you full time with the same passion I have had for the 44 years I have served this City.

Thomas F. Williams, Mayor

City of Norwood