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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Candidate blog series: Michael Gabbard, Mayor (R)

Gabbard for Mayor

Every day I am asked, “Why do you deserve my vote?”

Voting for Gabbard for Mayor is the vote YOU will want to make because;

· It is time for new Leadership, Vision and Direction.

· I have faithfully served this city, as a Councilman at Large, for 7+ years.

· I have taken strong stances and voted to represent the people,
And I will take that leadership to the Mayor’s Office.

· I will form a Mayor’s Budgetary Advisory Board.

I will seek out budgetary professionals & business leaders from our community to analysis the city budget, for advice, and to lend financial expertise to your city leaders.

· I will push for an AGGRESSIVE Economic Development Plan.

· I will develop and nurture a positive relationship with the other main entity in our city, the Norwood City School District.

· I will demand and promote an employee-friendly workplace for our city employees.

· I will focus on maintaining strong public services, with a strong emphasis on those that are community-strengthening services, such as the Senior Center, Recreation, Health and Norwood’s own social service agency the Norwood Service League.

· I will build relationships with our business owners and managers, so they can become a part of our community, not just an employer we collect taxes from.

· I will diligently work to make appropriate hires and appointments.

· I will represent ALL citizens of Norwood.

· I will work hard to return THE SHINE to the Gem of the Highlands.

No Promises just True Leadership

Michael Gabbard, Candidate for Mayor