Citizens For A Better Norwood

Friday, September 25, 2009

Reader raves about new Daata Indian Restaurant

We‘ve never published a restaurant review, but Laura Hobbs sent us one we couldn’t resist. What say our readers who have eaten there, too?

I dined at the new Daata Indian Restaurant in Surrey Square last night. The food was good and the people were just lovely. I hope they do well and stay a long time. We both had chicken but there are plenty of vegetarian options. I have enough left over for lunch today. They've done a nice job inside. It's small but very warm; crisp white tablecloths at dinner. You order off the menu at dinner time, but I plan to hit the lunch buffet soon. CityBeat has coupons on page 54, which I found AFTER we’d already paid full price, of course. But I don’t mind. I want this restaurant to succeed.

Laura Hobbs