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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jim Stith: Auditor’s expenses are on his website

We just received the following guest blog from City Auditor Jim Stith in which he responds to comments made under our 9/18/09 blog below.

There are wild accusations that the Auditor’s office is trying to hide our department budget. This is completely untrue. Our expenditures and budget are listed along with all other expenditures for the City.
Select “Expense Report 8-31-09” for detailed report on page 2, or select “Departments at a glance” for a quick look.

The Department Reports which are being discussed are provided by my office for department heads to evaluate their budgets. Since I write the reports I do not require a separate report for my own review. These reports import data from the “Expense Report” listed above and contain no independent data. All the numbers are entered on the expense report and exported to the Department Reports for easier reading by the department heads.

Under my administration the Auditor‘s office has been the most accessible it has ever been. We strive to make all of the City’s financial data easily available online. If the citizens of Norwood would like me to generate a Department Report for the Auditor’s office because they are easier for them to read I would be happy to start doing this on a monthly basis.

If anyone has any questions about these reports or any other subject concerning the Auditor's office I will be more than happy to help in any way. I can be contacted in the Auditor’s office at 458-4570 or link to my email

Jim Stith, Auditor