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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Norwood Star addresses distribution glitch

The much anticipated first issue of the Norwood Star was distributed this past weekend to residences all over the city. Except for the wind blowing many of the papers away from their destinations and into the streets, the Clark family is off to a roaring good start. At Andrew Clark’s request, we are publishing the Norwood Star’s apology for this mishap, which they intend to improve on with future deliveries:

Dear Norwood Star Readers:

We'd like to apologize to all of you who had to "find" the Norwood Star. In an effort to get the newspapers delivered to every resident this weekend, we understand a lot of them have been found on the sidewalks and gutters.

The papers were very light and the wind was very strong this weekend causing those not picked up right away to be carried off. We are working to improve the next delivery. Again, we apologize and appreciate your understanding.

Vicki Clark

Norwood Star
ph: 513-607-8537

Andrew Clark
Norwood Star
ph: 513-706-6893