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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Council meeting: Executive Session re “imminent” litigation

The second reading of the St. Aloysius Orphanage ordinance was the first order of business at last night City Council meeting. Councilperson Keith Moore presided over this agenda item after Council President Jane Grote recused herself as she did at the February 10 meeting. Drex Avenue resident Henry Jacquez, who spoke in favor of St. Aloysius at the last council meeting, immediately addressed council again in favor of the ordinance and presented a petition signed by 137 residents who also favor the proposed school. 41 residents who live in Ward 4 where the school would be located signed the petition.

After Mr. Jacquez’ remarks, Ward 4 Councilperson John Mumper made a motion for council to go into Executive Session to discuss pending, ”imminent” litigation. Councilperson Victor Schneider asked Law Director Ted Kiser if the litigation was related to St. Aloysius. Mr Kiser said that, yes, one of the issues was related. With that, Building Commissioner Gerry Stoker, Law Director Ted Kiser and Assistant Law Director Chris Brown, and attorney Tim Burke, outside council to the City, were asked to join council in Executive Session.

After a half hour session, council reconvened and the Clerk of Council gave the second reading of the St. Aloysius ordinance. We missed perhaps a minute or less of the meeting at this point, but if we’re not mistaken and please correct us if we are, there was no discussion of the ordinance, and council moved on to the next agenda item. That leaves one more opportunity for council to hear from the public and discuss the ordinance when it has a third and last reading and vote, presumably at the next meeting on March 10.

The use of the word “imminent” to describe the pending litigation certainly got our attention, and our readers may want to comment on and even speculate about this turn of events. All we ask is that unsupportable rumors not be posted here.