Citizens For A Better Norwood

Monday, March 02, 2009

Jami Stutzman: Is Norwood interested in urban farms?

Last week, Norwood resident Jami Stutzman, our favorite real estate blogger at Keepin’ it Real Estate, posted this blog describing Cincinnati City Council’s recently passed plan for mini-farms, also known as urban farms, which many other major cities have also started as new uses for vacant, unusable city plots of land. Jami says CCC will be working out details later this month, including how to lease the plots and whether or not to charge anything. She asks if Norwood is interested in a similar plan. Are we? Does the City even have vacant lots available for urban farms? Are there other plots that might be suitable? One that comes mind right away is the privately-owned 11-acre Rookwood Exchange site. Think about it - instead of looking at a field of weeds all summer, we could feast on fresh veggies from our own urban farm.