Citizens For A Better Norwood

Thursday, February 26, 2009

NPD’s new bicycle patrols

The Norwood Police Department started a bicycle patrol about 6 weeks ago, and already it has been declared a success. Lt. Tom Williams tells us there have been several arrests, including a felony arrest warrant that recovered a gun and resulted in more charges. The bicycle patrols are used primarily on 2nd and 3rd shifts and are patrolling near our schools both during and after the end of the school day. According to Lt. Williams, “The patrols are not only a crime tool; they’re also a public relations tool because they enable us to be a a greater presence in the community, especially with our youth.”

The patrols are directed in that officers concentrate for short periods of time on targeted areas, like the local business that alerted the NPD their building was getting hit with paint balls. The bicycles are, of course, much stealthier than police cruisers because they can roll up on and catch suspects far more quickly. Cruisers are fitted with bicycle racks; and for safety, both the officers’ jackets and the bicyles have reflectors.

This is great community policing, and we commend the NPD for adding these patrols again. We say again because we know that in years past the NPD did bicycle patrols. Do any of our readers know how long ago that was?