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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Guest blog: Victor Schneider reports on Parks & Rec. meeting

Councilperson Victor Schneider, Chair of the Parks and Recreation Committee, held a committee meeting this past Tuesday in Council Chambers. He wanted to share his notes of the meeting with our readers, especially those who can’t watch replays of the meeting on NCT (see schedule following his notes.) We appreciate Mr. Schneider keeping us informed about plans and programs for Norwood Recreation.

Opening of meeting was history of Recreation Commission and the current rules that dictate the operation. We discussed the changes that took place over the 80’s and 90’s as well as the current status of the Recreation Commission.
  1. Communication – Typically through the schools, community access cable and community bulletin board. Discussion was held on updating and getting the website updated and current with daily or at least monthly updates. Communication between Council and the Recreation Commission was clarified. All came to the understanding that we are working for the greater good of the City and that open and clear communication is important.
  2. NEW recreation programs and implementation of ideas – funding of ideas. We discussed the upcoming indoor volleyball program that recreation is in the process of starting. Utilizing the schools’ facilities as well as other Norwood facilities. There was discussion of other programs that could be started. The point was brought up that with all the discussion we do not see action. The recommendation was made that if new programs are requested then a proposal should be made to the recreation commission. If they deem it to be feasible they would present it to City Council for additional funding if necessary. Discussion was had on a complete proposal package presented to Council from recreation.
  3. Parks discussion – all city parks where discussed with current condition, maintenance that has been completed recently as well as upcoming up grades. Some discussion on improvements to make our parks more “rentable” as well as resident friendly with the proper play equipment. Both Fenwick and Burwood seem to have the most potential for a really nice family party, i.e. birthday or reunion.
  4. Pools – Small amount of discussion on the current conditions of the pools. Pool operations are the major topic for the March 18th Recreation Commission meeting that will be held at the Community Center. This will not be the exclusive reason for the meeting. The Recreation Commission will be discussing other matters also. If residents are interested in submitting ideas, with some background information on how to implement, they need to do so before March 17th. They should be submitted to the Executive Director at the Community Center.
Of course, there was considerable discussion during this 2 hour meeting. The meeting was taped for broadcast on local community cable and will be running throughout the month of March.

Victor Schneider, Chairman
Park and Recreation Committee

Cable Channel 4 replays:
Wednesday’s: 11:30 p.m.
Friday’s: 10:00 p.m.
Saturday’s: 8:00 a.m.
Sunday’s: 8:00 pm.