Citizens For A Better Norwood

Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Media Olio

1. Word to the besotted wise: if the Norwood Police ever take you into custody for being intoxicated, then release you to “a sober friend,” don’t do what William McClure of North Avondale subsequently did minutes later to get himself arrested and in court this morning. Read today's Enquirer account here.

2. Congratulations to Kevin LeMaster for his most excellent Building Cincinnati blog making the top five in City Beat’s “Best of 2008” Best Source of Micro-Local Media.

3. Last Friday's Business Courier reported U.S. Playing Card may leave its 108-year-old Norwood headquarters at 4590 Beech St. Phil Dolci, president of the firm, said unspecified locations in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana are under consideration, but no decision has been made yet. He stated, “Ideally we’ll make a decision in the second quarter.” Mayor Tom Williams told council at Tuesday night’s council meeting that he would do everything possible to persuade the company to remain in Norwood.

4. We certainly hope the City of Cincinnati will be able to fix its critical ambulance shortage and 911 Dispatch problems as reported in recent I Team investigations broadcast on Channel 9. Contributing to the Dispatch crisis is high call volume and high turnover among operators, resulting in callers frequently being put on hold. Of course, the ambulance shortage is causing long delays that endanger the lives of those needing emergency medical assistance. Did it really take the I Team to get Cincinnati City Council to pay attention to this public safety crisis? We don’t think Norwood officials would ever allow its residents’ safety to become this endangered. Cincinnati’s troubles make us especially grateful to live in a city with a superb fire department with 3-minute emergency response times and Dispatch operators who don’t put us on hold…at least, not that we’ve ever experienced or heard of.