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Friday, March 21, 2008

Olio: a miscellaneous mixture: hodgepodge

With our new M-W-F schedule, Friday’s may be a day we regularly catch up on news items published earlier in the week and throw Friday items in as well. We’re thinking about naming this feature “Media Olio” because one of us came across the word olio working crosswords and wants to find a way to use it. Somehow, "Media Hodgepodge" just doesn't have the right ring. We welcome hearing from anyone who can tell us whether or not we're using olio correctly.

1. 3/17/08 Business Courier: short article about the “green” architectural firm Steed Hammond Paul’s changing its name to SHP Leading Design. Expected to move headquarters from downtown Cincinnati to Norwood (doesn't say where) at the end of March.

2. 3/20/08 Enquirer: longer article about Steed Hammond Paul’s name change and how the organization is being “greened.” Says the move to Linden Pointe will take place by early April.

3. Today’s Enquirer: 28-year-old Avondale mother** in court this morning, accused of beating her 5-year-old son at The Youthland Academy on Smith Road.
**Correction from the previous "Norwood mother."

The Daily Bellwether: reported that Alex Triantafilou, the new chair of the Hamilton County Republican Party, started a blog this past Tuesday called
The Hamilton County GOP Blog.