Citizens For A Better Norwood

Monday, March 31, 2008

APB for found dog’s owner

We’re putting out an APB to help Norwood resident Tom Brown locate the owner of a dog that started wandering around the Presidential Streets yesterday near his home. Please email Tom if you recognize the description of this found dog:

There is a little 'spitz' type dog that seems to have been lost. It appears to be a female and is very well groomed. She has no collar. She has been wandering around the Ashland/Adams/Jefferson/Floral area all day Sunday. We and several neighbors have tried to catch her but she runs away. She’s very afraid of anyone who calls to her. We think she may belong to an older person because no one seems to be looking for her. If you know of a neighbor who has lost their dog, please let us know. We have been unable to catch her and maybe she will come to the owner. She likes to hang around the Ashland/Adams intersection. She keeps coming back to that corner. We are going to call the SCPA if no one can catch her soon.

Tom Brown

3:00 p.m. UPDATE:
Tom Brown just emailed us some good news: "We finally caught the dog! She is being fostered by a neighbor on Adams. If you know someone who lost their dog, please call the SPCA at 541-6100. Describe the dog and say it was caught on Ashland Ave and is being fostered by a family on Adams Ave."