Citizens For A Better Norwood

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A few remarks from Lt. Williams on the Decator shooting…

Yesterday afternoon, we were able to speak with Lt. Tom Williams who told us, “From all indications in the report (the 11/16/07 NPD Incident Report directly below), and from what we can tell, the officers did it by the book.” That doesn’t mean the book is closed yet on the incident. As yesterday’s 9/19/07 NPD press release says, the investigation is continuing. Also, as is routine in shootings, the Hamilton County Prosecutor is reviewing the facts and will make a determination.

We asked Lt. Williams if could he recall any prior incidents when Norwood police officers fired their guns at suspects. He named only two in the last 17 years: 1.) In 2000, a Norwood police officer shot at and wounded a suspect on Mills Avenue who was threatening his own family. The suspect survived. 2.) Prior to that in 1990, a Norwood police officer fired a fatal shot at a suspect in another incident.