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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Guest blog: Steve Thornbury on the Auditor position

Regarding the position of Norwood City Auditor:

During my campaign for Norwood City Council I made the point that communications between citizens and their government need to be improved. Now that I’ve been elected to Council in Ward 2, I’m hoping to make good on that promise by providing a greater level of transparency about what goes on behind the scenes at this level of government.

The first opportunity to do this has presented itself almost immediately with the recent resignation of the Norwood City Auditor. Though I have not seen the letter, my information comes directly from a conversation with Mr. Jones who assured me he presented the letter to the Hamilton County Board of Elections and provided a copy to Norwood City Hall.

The reason I am addressing the situation in this relatively public manner is that, besides being elected to serve on Council for Ward 2, I am also the Chair of the Norwood Republican Party and, as such, will have a role in helping determine who will be appointed to the Auditor’s position.

For those unfamiliar with how such matters are handled, when an elected official such as the Auditor leaves office before the end of their term, it becomes the responsibility of the political party with which the official is associated to appoint a successor. Thus, when Mayor Hochbein resigned several years ago, the Norwood Republican Central Committee (composed of the elected precinct executives) was charged with naming a replacement, just as the Democrats appointed a successor to Mr. DeLuca when he resigned last year.

Some may question the wisdom of discussing this situation so openly. Nothing I am revealing, however, is privileged information. It is all a matter of public record. My intent in posting this blog is, first, to keep the citizens informed of what is happening within their City government. The second reason is to provide an opportunity for anyone who may be interested in filling this position to step forward and make their intentions known.

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