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Monday, November 12, 2007

Back to excerpts from the 2006 NPD Annual Report

A regular feature

With Election Day over, we’re resuming our regular series of excerpts from the 2006 NPD Annual Report. The report is available at the Norwood Public Library. This week, we’re featuring the NPD’s Criminal Investigation Section. Following is the 2006 CIS report letter to Chief Schlie:

The Criminal Investigation Section of the Norwood Police Division is known as CIS. In 2006, CIS was comprised of a Lieutenant, Sergeant, and four patrol officers assigned as investigators. Lieutenant Gary Fye is in command of the Criminal Investigation Section. Also under his command are the Norwood Drug Task Force and Community Service Section.

According to the Norwood Police Procedure Manual, the purpose of CIS is: “To investigate crimes not cleared by uniform services. To gather, coordinate and disseminate intelligence information. To conduct other investigations as deemed necessary by the division “chain of command.”

During 2006, CIS personnel worked Monday thought Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Cases were assigned to the investigators based upon the severity of the offense as well as solvability of the offense. Also taken into consideration is the total amount of cases an individual investigator can effectively work at a given time.

1,243 cases were assigned during 2006. These 1,243 cases consisted of 1,112 cases which were assigned to investigators for criminal investigations, and 150 reports in which citizens were given assistance on their reports, but were not officially assigned. The following illustration shows the types of incidents/offenses investigated:

Theft: 364
Burglary/Breaking and Entering: 228
Bad Checks/Forgery: 71
Auto Theft/Unauthorized Use: 23
Criminal Damage: 52
Felonious Assault/Assault: 62
Menacing: 10
Child Abuse: 1
Sex Abuse: 8
Rape: 21
Gross Sexual Imposition: 13
Exposing: 0
Arson: 1
Missing Persons: 59
Telephone Harassment: 57
General Conditions/Other: 69
Robbery: 54
Assisted Cases: 150
TOTAL: 1,243