Citizens For A Better Norwood

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Finally, the final 2007 unofficial election results for Norwood

Sometime following our last update at 12:05 a.m. last night in the blog below, perhaps in the wee hours of the morning, the Hamilton County Board of Elections posted the election results for all of Hamilton County. From the sounds of it, not posting them in real time as promised on their website was the least of their problems after the polls closed yesterday. We’re not going to rehash last night‘s chaos, but can you imagine how agonizing it must have been for candidates? Instead, we want to thank all the candidates for running and running great campaigns, and we want to congratulate our newly elected and reelected Norwood city and board of education officials:

Mayor: Tom Williams
Council Vice President: Jane Grote
Auditor: Donnie Jones
Law Director: Ted Kiser
Ward 1: Keith Moore
Ward 2: Steve Thornbury
Ward 3: Chuck Barlowe
Ward 4: John Mumper
Council-at-Large: Joe Sanker, Victor Schneider, Mike Gabbard
Board of Education: Cherie Scott-Geraci and Rick Guy

And just for fun, here’s how the results from our two unscientific polls stack up against the election results:

Hamilton County final on jail tax: 56% Against, 44% For
Our poll: 68 votes cast - 60% For, 37% Against

Norwood final on levy renewal: 55% For, 45% Against
Our poll: 124 votes cast - 68% Against, 31% For