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Monday, November 19, 2007

NPD Press Release re officer involved shooting

DATE: November 19, 2007
LOCATION: 1724 Hopkins Ave. on November 16, 2007
TYPE: Officer Involved Shooting - Bank Robbery Suspect



Attached is a copy of the report from the Norwood Police department regarding the officer involved shooting of the bank robbery suspect on Friday, November 16th, 2007 at 9:50 AM at 1724 Hopkins Ave.

Additional Incident Information
The suspect handed a note to the teller at Chase Bank which state, “I have a gun empty your drawer.”

Sgt. Tom Stein pursued the suspect until he crashed in the wooded area at the corner of Corley and Lowery Avenue. The suspect exited his vehicle. Sgt. Stein exited his cruiser yelling for the suspect to show his hands. The suspect refused to comply; instead, the suspect ducked down and raised his arm and hand with an object in it and pointed at Sgt. Stein as if it were a weapon. Sgt. Stein feared for his safety and fired two rounds at the suspect. The suspect ran off into the woods disregarding Sgt. Stein’s orders to stop. The suspect ran out on to Hopkins Ave. and up hill on the west side of 1724 Hopkins Ave. still refusing to comply with Sgt. Stein’s orders. The suspect reached back towards Sgt. Stein again as if he had a weapon. Sgt. Stein, again fearing for his safety, fired several more shots, one of which struck the suspect. When back up officers arrived, they approached the suspect who continued to refuse to comply with orders to show his hands. At that point, the suspect was taken into custody and paramedics called.

Additional Suspect Information
Mark L. Decator was staying at the Half-Way House where the Green 1995 Carmaro was reported stolen in Vinton County. Mark Decator has a criminal record from Allegan County, Michigan which includes Felony Armed Robbery and Felony Assault convictions dating back to 1997

Officer Information
Sgt. Tom Stein was the officer involved in the shooting incident. He has 27 years on the Norwood Police Department and an impeccable record. This is the first time Sgt. Stein has been involved in a situation like this.

Additional Information
The Coroner’s Office has not released its report yet.
The Norwood Police Department will continue investigating this matter.

Lt. Tom Williams