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Monday, November 19, 2007

11/16/07 NPD Incident Report re officer involved shooting

Following is the narrative from the 11/16/07 NPD incident report:

Name & Address of Suspect (Age, Race, Description…):
Mark Decator M/W, 2/5/73, LKA 17274 State Route 104, Chillicothe, OH 45601

Listed suspect robbed the Chase Bank in Kenwood, handing the teller a note which stated, “I have a gun empty your drawer.” Suspect exited the bank with the money and was observed getting into a green 1995 Camaro. Vehicle was reported to traveling s/b on I-71. Sgt. Tom Stein was in uniform driving a marked police vehicle when he observed the suspect and vehicle. Suspect exited at Williams and was stopped in traffic at the red light. When the light changed, Officers turned on their lights attempting to stop the suspect. Suspect failed to comply and fled traveling w/b on Williams at a high rate of speed. Sgt. Tom Stein was directly behind suspect vehicle with other marked units, pursuing the suspect with their lights and sirens on. Suspect refused to comply and continued to flee traveling w/b on Williams failing to stop for stop signs or red lights. Suspect traveled w/b on Williams disregarding the red light at Montgomery State route 22 and continued on Williams with marked police units in pursuit. Suspect continued to flee turning right on to Crosley.

Suspect was traveling at a high rate of speed and was unable to make the right turn towards Hopkins and drove into a driveway area crashing into a wooded area. Sgt. Stein followed suspect and observed suspect exit vehicle. Sgt. Stein and suspect exited the vehicles and Sgt. Stein yelled commands to the suspect, “Show me your hands, show me your hands.” Suspect failed to comply and went to the rear of the vehicle disregarding commands of Sgt. Stein.

Suspect then ducked down and pointed his arm and hand with an object in it at Sgt. Stein in a threatening motion. Sgt. Stein then fearing for his safety fired two rounds at the suspect. The suspect then ran to the front of the car and down the hill and across Hopkins Avenue with Sgt. Stein in foot pursuit. Sgt. Stein continued to give verbal commands to the suspect but he failed to comply and continued to run from the officer.

Sgt. Stein ran out of the woods on to Hopkins giving verbal commands to suspect. Suspect ran up a hill disregarding commands to stop, stop police. Suspect then reached back with his right hand and made a movement towards the officer as if he had a weapon. Sgt. Stein, fearing for his safety, fired several shots at the suspect, with one striking the suspect, and suspect fell to the ground.

Sgt. Stein took a defensive position behind a house until P.O. Mark Vickers arrived and then both officers approached the suspect. Suspect was laying on his stomach with one hand under his body refusing to obey commands to show his hands. Suspect was secured and taken to University Hospital by Norwood Medic unit where he later died. No weapon was found on the subject.