Citizens For A Better Norwood

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Candidate blog series: Ward 3 candidate Sean Mangialardo

Sean Mangialardo
Candidate for Norwood City Council, Ward 3

My wife Amanda and I have been married for six years. We have two sons, Spencer (5) and Leo (4), both of whom attend Sharpsburg Elementary & Preschool. We have lived in Norwood for about six years now. We rented on Williams Ave. after we got married and then purchased our home on Norwood Ave. a few years back. As first time home buyers, we appreciated the stock of fairly valued older homes that Norwood had to offer compared to its midtown neighbors. Our family regularly attends Crossroads Community Church.

I'm currently a Corporate Real Estate Advisor with CresaPartners. I assist corporations with strategic planning and lease and purchase negotiations. Prior to joining Cresa, I was a Manager with RiverPoint Capital Management where my emphasis was on investment management and equity market analysis. Amanda is a professional violinist who uses her talents in a whole variety of different ways around town.

As you probably noticed from the above, I'm relatively new to Norwood and am a younger person. I believe both of those details make me a good candidate. Our city could benefit from some new blood and youthful enthusiasm. I don't believe that knowing Norwood's history book cover to cover and having many relatives here necessarily makes you a qualified candidate. Decisions within council chambers need to be based upon what's best for all citizens, not just certain ones. If you remember, I ran for City Treasurer two years ago and was defeated by a slim margin. I took that as a success considering my infancy within the community and realized that my message was received and widely supported. Many of my goals during that campaign I've carried forward to this one. I'll touch on my three main ones below:

Finances - I'm a firm believer in less governmental control, low taxes, and fiscal responsibility. A city administration has to not only have a solid budget, but also the courage under fire to stick to it. Just like a corporation has to answer to its shareholders, city hall must answer to the taxpayer. Our revenues are only going to continue to increase, so I believe this is of utmost importance. Forecast, plan and then diversify funds accordingly, i.e. street improvements. Proactive instead of reactive. All of the time instead of just during election time.

Technology - We must take advantage of technology in order to modernize our city services. Objectives such as making sure that all city employees are appropriately trained on their departments systems and giving citizens the ability to pay bills online benefits both city hall and raises communication and service levels. Also, with all the construction being done around town, why not send out a weekly "Construction Update" via email to a database of citizens and interested parties like the City of Mason does? A motto I like is "User Friendly Government - Easy to Operate, Understand and Deal With."

Development - Norwood is one of the most attractive locations in the county to bring a business. The success of Rookwood and Cornerstone and the completion of Linden Pointe are all great testaments to that fact. Let's continue to entertain new opportunities by offering incentives and support, and retain our current businesses by continuing to improve their working environment. This goes for the residential market as well where we need to support people in their improvement efforts and market Norwood as a quality place to purchase a home and raise a family.

I end with a challenge to you the citizen, the voter. If you're truly satisfied with the present and feel confident about the future, then you have my utmost respect for going to the polls and choosing the same leadership in order to stay the current course. However, if you're frustrated and tired of talking about the same issues and continue to have the same questions without any answers, then I ask you to consider making a change. There are qualified and energetic candidates ready to have an opportunity to break through the mold of the old and make a difference in our community, but they need your support. I feel I am one of those candidates and so I humbly ask for your vote on November 6th. Together, we can make a difference!

Thank you for your time, and thank you CBN for this opportunity,