Citizens For A Better Norwood

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Patrick Henry arrested for bungled Bogle’s ring theft

Chased, maced, then caught by the NPD

First of all, how dare anyone rob anybody, but anyone who would rob the fine folks at Bogle’s Jewelry deserves a special place in the Hamilton County Justice Center and an even more special one in the state pen. The other suspect arrested was driving the getaway van on a suspended license. What a stupid, though terrifying, duo.

Then we have the heinous acts (too revolting to describe here but also deserving of some special places in the pokey) of 26-year-old suspect John Sellers that were on display across the street from Friday night’s youth baseball game at NHS.

In both of these episodes, it sounds like the suspects were swarmed with lighting speed by the NPD, which really makes the case why we should all call the police the moment we spot suspicious/criminal activity. And to the Norwood police, we say, “Jobs well done.”

7/5/07 UPDATE on Friday’s armed robbery at the Shell station: According to the NPD officer we just spoke with, no arrests yet. Of course, he couldn’t say much because it’s an ongoing investigation, but they will probably catch the suspects because “we almost always do.” The station's video cams have been helpful. He indicated that criminals, not overly bright, aren’t much concerned about getting caught because all that’s on (what’s left of) their minds is stealing to pay for the next drug fix. They recently caught one just a block from scene of his crime.