Citizens For A Better Norwood

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Four reasons homebuyers choose Norwood

Our conversation with Jordan Realtors

Recently, Mayor Williams asked council to think about allowing Norwood to advertise. He expressed his belief that the City has turned a corner and that the positives could be promoted to attract both prospective homebuyers and businesses. We don‘t disagree. His remarks, coupled with all the real estate stories in the press lately, including this Enquirer article two days ago, got us even more curious about the Norwood market and why buyers relocate here. We decided to take our questions to our local experts at Jordan Realtors at 3960 Montgomery Road, and they graciously agreed to answer them:

CBN: First of all, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. We’re very interested in knowing what draws people to buy homes in Norwood. What "sells" prospective homebuyers on our community?

Jordan Realtors: The primary reason that comes to mind is affordable housing, getting more for your money, and the architecture of some of Norwood’s grand old homes is beautiful. Our central location and the close proximity to both I-71 and I-75 are very attractive to buyers. Also, Norwood is known to be a friendly town, and this certainly appeals to people. Lastly, the good reputation of Norwood schools attracts families to buy homes here.

CBN: The media is full of stories about the nationwide and regional downturn in the real estate market. How is the Norwood housing market doing?

Jordan Realtors: Well, we are seeing more active listings than in times past, but things are slowly changing . But I would also say that when a house is on the market for months and no one is coming inside, it’s usually because the price is too high. Buyers are more educated these days, especially with all the information they can quickly access on the internet. They do their homework and expect to get the best buy for the money .

Who could not be pleased about the perceptions of Norwood among people who invest in homes here? Maybe “safe” will make the list soon, with the positive media attention our COP Program is getting!