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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Just in - our roving reporter's account of Ward 4 meeting

A guesstimated 20-25 people attended Mr. Mumper’s ward meeting this morning at Linden Pointe. It wound up being held under a canopy outside the office building, rather than at the flatiron building replica. Among the city officials attending were Mayor Williams, Councilperson Joe Sanker, S/S Director Joe Geers, Development Director Rick Dettmer, and Clerk of Council Brian Mumper.

A representative from the developer Al Neyer, Inc. gave a presentation that included drawings of the project. It sounds like some of them came from this 12-page marketing brochure for the project, which we're linking to again for anyone who missed it in our earlier blog.

In a Q&A session following the presentation, concern was expressed about the impact a completed Linden Pointe would have on Montgomery Road traffic with Carthage Avenue being blocked off. A specific answer wasn’t offered by the developer, but he said he’s sure it will all work out. Regarding another concern, sidewalks around the development, there will be some around Phase I, but it’s too early to say about Phase II, which won’t start being built for a good long time.

So far, no tenants have signed up yet, but the developer thinks that will change now that Carthage Avenue is closed. Prospective tenants have wanted to actually see the closing before they would believe it.

Mr. Mumper was asked a question about businesses in Ward 4 that negatively affect the quality of life. One in particular, a roofing company at the corner of Quatman and Carthage, is one he said he’s been trying to get cleaned up since he was elected to council.

Mayor Williams remarked about a business at the corner of Montgomery Rd. & Slane Avenue the City has been successfully battling in court for several years. He’s looking at putting the owner in jail for about 6 months, if necessary.

That’s all, folks!