Citizens For A Better Norwood

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

City retirees claim Norwood is behind on health care reimbursements

Channel 5 investigation finds City officials finger pointing

We missed Channel 5’s Monday broadcast about Norwood allegedly not keeping its promise of late to reimburse 100% of the city’s retiree’s health care costs. According to their online transcript, when Target 5 started asking our officials about the matter, the buck seemed to stop nowhere with anyone. Finger pointing at City Hall? Who ever heard of such of thing? Come to think of it, though, it does kinda remind us of the time a certain unemployment claim…then there was the time a certain check…okay, enough of that.

Here’s a line from the transcript we found especially disturbing: “Retirees claim the city placed a cap on health care funding without their knowledge and that the cap means many of them will be out of medical coverage by the end of June.” A cap without their knowledge? If true, whose bright idea was that?

Apparently, since they aren’t getting answers from City officials, the retirees have retained the services of attorney Mike Allen, the former Hamilton County Prosecutor. Will we ever know who allowed the situation to get this bad, or will the fingers just continue to point?