Citizens For A Better Norwood

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What’s so great about Norwood?

During the 4/22/07 council meeting, Mayor Williams asked council to consider an idea that would certainly be a first for Norwood: advertising the many attributes of our city in order to attract new businesses and new residents. He cited the fact that Hamilton, Ohio advertises. The mayor believes Norwood is turning a corner and it’s time to let the outside world know how much our city has to offer. If council gives the ok, funding would likely come out of Economic Development.

Mayor Williams may be on to something. We’re always surprised when we sometimes find even our own residents are unfamiliar with amenities we take for granted. For instance, Rick met a young woman recently who’s been jogging on our sidewalks because she didn’t know she could run at the state-of-the-art track at Shea Stadium. She didn’t even know we have a stadium!

So, with all of this in mind, plus what we recently learned from Jordan Realtors about why people buy here (see 6/28/07 “Four reasons…“ blog below) we thought we’d take a stab (as time permits) at producing our own amateur version of a "here‘s what‘s great about Norwood" video for YouTube. We know what we like, but to make sure we include the best of the best, since YouTube videos are restricted to 10 minutes, we invite our readers to leave comments about what some of their favorite things are about our community. As always, you can click on the envelope below and email this blog to your friends and family for their input, too.