Citizens For A Better Norwood

Friday, March 06, 2009

Alert: rash of home burglaries in Central & South Norwood

Lt. Tom Williams, Jr. with the Norwood Police Department wants residents to take extra precautions because there have been 11 residential burglaries since 1/1/09 with most of them occurring in February. The thief or thieves hit mostly in the daytime from roughly 8:00 a.m. on into the early afternoon and are targeting residences where no one is at home. These are forced entry burglaries, mostly through back doors or through broken windows.

Among the streets in South Norwood that have been hit are Hudson, Robertson, Regent, Monroe and Williams. There has also been a break-in on Ivanhoe near Norwood Plaza.

Lt. Williams asks that we all be alert to anyone who walks to the backyard of a neighboring property and to any noise that sounds like breaking glass. Sometimes, home burglars will ring the doorbell first to test if anyone is at home before going to the back of the house. If we see or hear anything suspicious, we should immediately call either 911 or the NPD’s non-emergency number 458-4520.

Thank you, Lt. Williams, for letting us help get the word out about this so residents can take steps to protect themselves and their families and, maybe, just maybe, help catch the criminal(s).