Citizens For A Better Norwood

Friday, May 16, 2008

So how are Norwoodians offsetting gas pump pain?

Will it ever end, or is this it?

We’d really like to know any money-saving tips our neighbors can share now that we’re all spending nearly $4.00 per gallon on gas. This Channel 9 story says shoppers are currently flocking to discount stores, while full-price retailers like Macy’s, Nordstrom and Penney’s are in a world of hurt from declining sales. Of course, some of us are seasoned veterans of thrift stores where we’re sure we find the biggest bargains of all. Anyone have a favorite to tell us about? We’ve got one, especially you’re at least 50 years old, not that any of us are - every Sunday at the Goodwill in Oakley, most merchandise is half off for the 50+ set.

The Channel 9 piece goes on to report business is booming at the discount grocery Save-A-Lot located at Ross Avenue and Vine Street in St. Bernard. Is that a good, cheap place to shop? Now that the Aldi’s in Avondale is closed, one of us is anxiously awaiting the new one Building Cincinnati reported should be opening this year in Pleasant Ridge. Is this new Kroger 10% added Gift Card offering, timed just right for the arrival our stimulus checks, a good deal, or is there a catch we’re missing? Recently, we heard a radio show caller say he'd applied it or something similar for big savings on gas purchases at Kroger's.

Are we busing to work more often, carpooling more, eating out less? Are we about to ditch our cars and SUVs in favor becoming healthy bicyclists commuting to work or running errands? Will our air conditioners be mostly off this summer? Is the family still vacation still on, maybe closer to home this year?

Of course, we think living in 3-square-mile Norwood, the most centrally located city in Hamilton County, is in and or itself something of an ongoing cost saver. With the exception of commuting to work, we’ve actually found it’s possible to survive for long stretches of time without having to leave our borders very often for outside goods, services, and even entertainment (see free meal and movie blog directly below). But we’re more interested in any cost-saving tips our readers have and hope you’ll share some of them to help relieve our own gas pump pain.