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Friday, May 09, 2008

Guest blog: Steve Thornbury explains gas aggregation

Yesterday, we received a “free gift” from Councilperson Steve Thornbury - this guest blog about a natural gas aggregation plan that may wind up as a ballot initiative for us to vote on. We thank him for taking the time out of what we know is a very busy schedule to provide this informative piece for our readers:

At the recent Committee of the Whole meeting (Tuesday, May 6) the sole item on the agenda was a presentation from a gentleman representing Integrys Energy Services regarding the idea of “gas aggregation.” It was a very enlightening evening. I’m sure many Norwood residents are like me in that we’ve heard the term before but have never had a good explanation of what it really is.

First, a bit of background (much of which is lifted from the Ohio PUCO web site)…

Beginning in 1997, residential and small commercial customers throughout the state were, on their own, allowed to choose their own natural gas suppliers. They still do for that matter. More recently however, local communities have been given the right, by law, to join their citizens together to buy natural gas as a group and, on the group’s behalf, negotiate with a private company the terms, conditions, and price of the natural gas supply.

The people who presented to us at the COW meeting are from such a company.

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