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Monday, May 05, 2008

Poll on NCS downsizing

Tonight’s 7:00 p.m. meeting at Sharpsburg Elementary Auditorium is the last of the 5 “Planning for the Future of Norwood City Schools' informational meetings on the school district’s downsizing proposals. In his discussion with our school reporter Lisa Bauer for her 3-part series we published last week, Superintendent Steve Collier stressed that input from parents and community members would be key to deciding which option would be chosen. We want to thank all who commented on the K-8 Option and the K-6 Grade-Specific Option. We hope everyone is taking every opportunity to make make his/her preference known to Mr. Collier and Board of Education members.

Now that our readers have had some time to digest the two downsizing options we posted and perhaps attend one of the informational meetings, we thought a poll (unscientific, of course) on the issue would be interesting and provide even more feedback for NCS school officials. You’ll notice we threw in an option for a levy in the event anyone would support additional taxpayer funding to keep the status quo. As always, feel free add to the discussion in the comments box.

Which downsizing option do you prefer?
K-6, Grade-Specific Buildings
Neither - I'd vote for a levy to keep things as they are
Not sure free polls