Citizens For A Better Norwood

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Welcome new Burwood websites to our online community!

The folks that organized the campaign to save Burwood Pool and clean both it and the park up this past Saturday, Great American Clean Up Day, are at it again. Now they’ve started not one but two websites to keep Norwoodians up to speed about their plans and progress to return Burwood Park and Pool to their former glory. We’ve added both sites to our links on the right hand side.

Resident Bob Mace tells us this Burwood website is a general website for the whole community. Check out the before and after pictures of Saturday’s clean up as well as a description of what the 30+ adults and children actually did that day to spiffy up the place and get things ready for painting. Amazing!

Then there’s this Burwood blog where community members can post information, comments and suggestions about the park/pool transformation. Congratulations to these folks for adding two sites to help keep us informed and engaged in this great, ongoing project at Burwood! What will they come up with next?