Citizens For A Better Norwood

Friday, May 02, 2008

A Sue Wylie Norwood tale

Anybody recognize this 1950’s NHS graduate Sue Wylie featured in a Wednesday Enquirer article promoting her book “How to Throw a Great Derby Party?” One of us worked with her years ago at WLEX TV in Lexington where she regaled everyone with outrageous and vivid stories about growing up in Norwood. Out of respect for this warm, witty, charming woman, only one will be told here.

According to Sue, she grew up in near abject poverty in Norwood and spent her nights dreaming about escaping and becoming a star, which she most definitely was and is in Lexington. As she told it, her widowed father continued to live here in a slummy house with nearly nothing to his name. Several days following his death in 1974, she came to work in a shell-shocked but upbeat state. It turned out her father had amassed a small $100,000 fortune in cash, and she had just found it the previous day under his bed! And if memory serves, she was the only heir.