Citizens For A Better Norwood

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Burwood flower planting, t-shirts, Fun Friday’s, and more…

This was going to be a simple reminder blog about this Saturday’s 10:00 a.m. flower planting project at Burwood Park, sponsored by the recently formed Burwood Park Parents who successfully petitioned to keep the park’s pool open. Yep, that’s all it was going to be until we checked the new Burwood Park website again to see if anything else might be going on. One look told us these Burwood Parents have gone wild planning a flurry of free Fun Friday’s for everyone as well as projects that will help increase community awareness of their ongoing effort to beautify the park and ensure the pool stays open:

1. Click here to see what they’ve planned for Fun Friday’s scheduled June 2 through August 8 in the way of potlucks, a Watermelon Festival, Xmas in July, Pirates Ahoy, etc.
2. Click here to view the “I Swim at Burwood” t-shirt they’re selling for $8.00 until June 2, after which it will it cost $10. Any funds left over will go for crafts for the children.
3. A Norwood Day parade float is in the works, but they need a flatbed. Anybody have one they can borrow?

Whew! These hardworking folks are amazing, aren’t they? This is surely going to be the best summer ever at Burwood for children and families!