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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Excerpts from the 2006 NPD Annual Report

A regular feature

In our last installment of this series, we published a letter to Chief Shlie that described the various duties of the NPD’s Criminal Investigation Unit as well as a chart with the numbers of investigations for various offenses. Below are some of the CIS anecdotes that appear in the report:

Homicide Offenses
James Roberts: On 1/1/06, James Roberts M/W, 38, was taken to University Hospital and was pronounced dead upon arrival. An investigation revealed that Tina Overbay had injected James with heroin. Tina was charged and convicted of the involuntary homicide of James and pled to 5 years in jail.

Colin McClain: In 1998 Colin McClain was living on Kenilworth Avenue in Norwood. He was found stabbed to death in his apartment, and the case proved no viable suspects. On February 23, Arthur Barnett, M/B born 2/25/61, was interviewed in reference to this homicide. Fingerprint evidence and his confession led to him being charged with homicide. He was later found guilty of the homicide and given 15-life sentence.

Phyllis Maue: On January 5, Channel 12 aired a cold case show on Phyllis Maue. CIS opened this 1982 case and was able to bring resolution to the family for who the actual suspect was and what the facts showed. The killer dies several years ago, and CIS is working still to recover the remains of Phyllis to bring the family some finality. Interviews and evidence discovered led to the killer who was last seen with her and left behind other evidence…

Robbery Offenses
U.S. Bank - 4525 Montgomery Road: On 5/5/06, Tonya Cotton, 20, entered the U.S. Bank and presented a note to the teller stating she had a gun. She instructed the teller to place the money in her purse…and left. She was arrested in a motel in Cincinnati and is now awaiting trial.

Shell Station - 2564 Williams Avenue: Tony Morrison entered the store on 7/21/06 and threatened to stab the employees if they pushed the alarm or called police. Subject was unable to open the register but took the keys to the register and the store phone. Convicted.

Check Smart - 3834 Montgomery Road: Employee Tara Burns reported that she had been robbed by a male black individual on 8/9/06. A large amount of currency was taken, due to Tara having left it in the safe the night before. Investigation revealed that no robbery occurred and Tara stole the money and made and acted out a false Robbery. Still awaiting trial on felony theft and tampering with evidence.

Street Robbery - 2000 Sherman Road: Occurred on 11/8/06 when Justin White M/W, 16, approached victim at 200 Sherman. Justin pulled a gun on him and attempted to rob him. Justin was bound over as an adult and is awaiting trial.

Home Invasion Robbery - 4571 Smith Road: Occurred 6/21/06 when Willie O’Neal knocked on the door and when victim opened the door, Willie Forced his way in with a loaded handgun and wearing a mask. Victim fought back and Willie fired a shot into the hallway. Victim struggled and obtained the gun from Willie who fled in a getaway car. The car was stopped and Willie was arrested. He was convicted and given 4 yrs. in prison.