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Friday, February 06, 2009

Just in: new “Norwood Star” newspaper starting up March 1!

As soon as Norwood Times reporter and Miami University student Andy Clark and his mother Vicki learned that publisher Ted Hooks was closing the Norwood Times to pursue other projects, they immediately swung into action. We are thrilled to announce that the Clark family is going tp provide Norwood with a new, and from the sounds of it, a much improved monthly local newspaper starting March 1. A Norwood Star website is planned, and we’ll post the address as soon as it’s up and running.

Below is a guest blog authored by Vicki Clark, editor of the new publication, in which she describes some of the great new features they’re putting in place. Please do call, write, or email her if you would like to subscribe, advertise, or contribute news items. We have a feeling the Clark’s are going to have a very successful newspaper. Let’s give them a big round of online applause for all they’re doing to keep us informed about our community!

There is definitely a new newspaper in Norwood - "Norwood Star"!

Our first edition is scheduled to hit the newsstands (homes & businesses) March 1st. The newspaper will begin as a monthly publication. The newspaper will be in an eight page “standard” format. The Norwood Star will have its own website which will allow individuals to make comments and suggestions, as well as place ads and pay for subscriptions.

Our goal is for the Norwood Star to give a full picture of the city. We've approached the Mayor to include a Letter to the City each month. There will be an Education page, Sports page, Area News page, and will include regular features, one being “Where Are They Now” which will highlight past Norwood graduates. There will also be a fun feature..."Eva B's Recipes". The newspaper will also include a Classified section, Worship With Us section, and a Local Service Directory section. We intend to produce a top-rate community publication!

We plan to deliver the first three editions "free" to the public so everyone will get familiar and hopefully buy a subscription. The cost will be $6.00 for six months. We plan to sell the paper at local businesses as well.

We are currently soliciting business to advertise. This is a venture we are undertaking as a family in "uncertain times", but we want Norwood to have a paper and hopefully everyone will support it with their stories and subscriptions! The deadline for placing an ad for this publication is Feb. 20th. Anyone desiring more information and rates should contact me.

Vicki Clark
Norwood Star
P.O. Box 12653
Norwood, OH 45212-0653
(513) 607-8537