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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Xavier’s new webisode videos explain financial aid

Xavier University has created a series of on-line webisode videos delivered by the Office of Financial Aid as an introduction to aid for students, parents and guidance counselors.

“In the past, most students and families have found information about the financial aid process in long, detailed paragraphs which are sometimes very complex,” says Doug Ruschman, Xavier’s Director of Web Services. “Xavier is stepping into the world of its students to deliver the information through the web via short, easy-to-view videos. Anyone can view the videos, and although they speak a little about Xavier, they are valuable for any student looking at college.”

Xavier is going the extra step for students and families this year because of the difficult economy to help them understand the financial aid process and the resources available to them. “This is a great tool both for families new to the financial aid process and as a refresher for those who have been through the process before,” says Aaron Meis, Xavier’s Dean of Undergraduate Admission. “It explains what can be complex and difficult to understand in a way that the average mom, dad and student can understand.”

In the videos, Paul Calme, Xavier’s Director of Financial Aid, explains what the types of aid are and how to get them, and why it’s important to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, also known as the FAFSA. Xavier’s priority deadline to submit the FAFSA is February 15, so this is the time of year most families are really looking at different types of aid to see what is available. Aid allows parents and students to gain a measure of financial control in these wild economic times.

“Affordability is something that a family must educate themselves about,” says Todd Everett, Senior Associate Director of Financial Aid. “The webisodes provide information that there are options for families to afford Xavier University. It also stresses the value of a private education.”

In another set of videos at the site, Xavier business majors in the Financial Management 401 course with professor Julie Cagle, share insights into the current economic situation: how the crisis came about, what can be done and what the future may hold. This may be particularly useful to prospective students and their families as they make decisions about investing in college.

Click here to see all the videos.