Citizens For A Better Norwood

Monday, February 02, 2009

2 intoxicated Norwood men caught stealing coins to buy beer

Channel 9 is reporting that Norwood police arrested 2 Norwood residents, 19-year-old Dustin Arbino and 33-year-old Robert Armentrout, for allegedly stealing coins from cars near the BP station on Montgomery Road and then using the coins to purchase beer at the store. The NPD responded to a call Friday about attempted car break-ins near BP and arrested the men, both of whom allegedly smelled of alcohol. They are charged with counts of disorderly conduct while intoxicated and criminal mischief.

As charges go, criminal mischief has always sounded to us a little like the equivalent of getting arrested for a whimsical lark. According to this Wikipedia definition, it’s usually a misdemeanor offense that typically involves any damage, defacement, alteration, or destruction of property, including vandalism and graffiti. Interestingly, the word mischief comes from Old French meschief, which means “misfortune,” from mescheve, “to end badly.” Well, yes, this did end pretty badly for our two allegedly intoxicated and thieving Norwood neighbors, who, according to Channel 9, would likely have eluded arrest had they immediately left the area after stealing the coins. But they didn't, and we just hope if they're found guilty, they'll have to pay for any damage they caused to the cars they broke into.