Citizens For A Better Norwood

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Update: Xavier delays Zumbiel implosion a 3rd time

On 12/12/07, the Xavier Newswire reported that “Xavier is reasonably sure that the much anticipated event will take place in the early morning on Jan. 19.” Yesterday, we spoke with Debora Del Valle, Xavier’s Director of Public Relations, to confirm this Saturday’s date. As it turns out, the Zumbiel implosion has been postponed indefinitely, the third time it’s been postponed.

The main reason for the delay, according to Ms. Del Valle, is that in the process of preparing the Zumbiel plant for the big bang, contractors found traces of asbestos around the window caulking. As a result, all the windows in the structure will have to be removed so asbestos isn't sent into the atmosphere during the implosion. Contractors are also in the process of pulling up some of the asphalt and tearing down metal buildings on the property. Since there’s no way to project how long the window removal and other prep work will take, the university is not scheduling a new date for the implosion at this time.

Ms. Del Valle went on to say that following the implosion, everything that can be will be recycled. Cranes will be brought in to sift through the debris to salvage steel, which will go to A.K. Steel, as well as concrete and bricks.

Before too long, the university will have a video online about the prep work that’s underway, and we’ll be able to post a link to it as well as to future videos that are being planned.

Xavier is keeping Norwood officials fully informed about their progress on the demolition. They’re even going to send a letter to nearby residents giving them about two weeks notice before the implosion. As Ms. Del Valle said, “We don’t want anyone to be suddenly awakened that morning and terrified about the explosion they just heard.”