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Friday, January 11, 2008

Guest blog: Jeremiah Griswold with Vineyard Central

Yesterday, Jeremiah Griswold emailed us some very exciting news to share about a new arts foundation for our youth that’s just getting off the ground in our community. We encourage you to email this blog to anyone you think would be interested in participating in the opportunities he describes. And, of course, we thank Mr. Griswold for thinking of us. This is yet another example of great things happening in Norwood!


I am excited to share with you the beginnings of a new arts foundation. This work will provide training in all of the arts for talented and motivated youth who do not have the resources to continue or supplement their arts education. It is a faith-based organization at its core, although the focus is on pursuing truth through creating/playing/performing and enjoying great art. The growth of this dream will depend on people like you who might get inspired about this opportunity and respond in some way, big or little. As we push off there is need for arts mentors/teachers, contacts with teachers/students, volunteers of all sorts. It is clearly described on the website that has just gone live........

Please take a few moments to peruse this site, and respond to what moves you. At the least, please forward the information on to others you think might be interested or may know someone who is. Do you know a prospective student? Do you know an artist, musician, writer, photographer, actor, etc who would embrace the opportunity to take on one student? Perhaps you know a prospective High School Junior or Senior who might qualify for the 2008 Scholarship Competition? Make sure they see the information on the website: The information and application for the competition can be downloaded from there. Here is the summary.

2008 Scholarship competition
The st.elizabeth arts foundation represents an outstanding regional network of professional creative and performing artists dedicated to empowering the next generation of artists. We are currently offering a spectacular package of mentorship and training aimed at young artists who can demonstrate exceptional talent, commitment, and motivation, but have so-far lacked access to the training they deserve. For this particular opportunity, we are seeking high school juniors and seniors, especially those who are considering continuing their art education at the undergraduate level.

Jeremiah Griswold
Vineyard Central Church