Citizens For A Better Norwood

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Guest blog: Lupe Hoyt of Norwood Service League

We are pleased to announce that Lupe Hoyt will be a guest blogger here from time to time. We look forward to her updates on Norwood Service League’s various services for those in need among us and the opportunities available for community members to pitch in and help. Following is her first blog:

Think back to a time when a caring adult helped you through a tough spell in your young life. Who helped you overcome defeat, low self-worth? Who taught you to look beyond today's circumstance, to dream of success?

Norwood Service League needs more volunteers to serve as Youth Mentors to help guide students toward school success. Over the last four years, 100 students have been matched with a caring adult who helped them with attendance, improving grades and social/peer skills. NSL is serving students at Williams Ave. Elementary and Norwood View Elementary during school year 2007-08. Mentor training is available, volunteers must complete application and pass background check.

Volunteers will meet with students during lunch once a week. Please call 924-1200 to speak with Michelle, Youth Services Specialist. Learn how you can give back to your community through our children.

Lupe A. González Hoyt
Executive Director
Norwood Service League
2071 Lawrence Avenue